Have you got what it takes to become a franchisee?

We believe that it is crucial to assess your potential as a franchisee before you invest. With our direct business experience and our experience in helping would-be franchisees, we understand what the secret to success is.

We’ve put this knowledge into a scientifically developed franchise aptitude test. This will measure if you have the personality to own and operate a franchise business.

What is the franchisee personality?

The franchise aptitude test assesses your skills, character traits, attitude, and habits. When combined, the result suggests your aptitude as a franchisee. Here are the areas that the assessment covers.

Problem-solving ability

Good franchisees are good problem solvers. They brainstorm ideas, welcome input, and consider the views of those who have valuable insight to their customers.

Natural learners

Franchisees are natural learners. They update their skills, stay tuned to the economy and business trends, and are adept with latest technology.


As a franchisee, you’ll be the strategic lead of your business. But you will also get involved in the daily running of the business. Especially in the early days, this is likely to include undertaking day-to-day tasks. You’ll also need to be involved with your employees – a little like managing a team or department in a large corporation.


As new businesses, the first few months and years are when the largest risks exist. You’ll be dedicated to making your business successful, and this may mean putting in extra effort as it beds in and the franchise starts to flourish.

Positive mindset

There will be difficult times. Just like there were in your corporate life. To come through these successfully, you’ll need to maintain a positive mindset and a can-do approach. You will have bundles of self-belief in your ability to be successful.


Your positive mindset should feed through to your employees in the form of motivation and inspiration. Motivated employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave. They are easier to delegate to and more willing to accept accountability for their work.

Calculate risk takers

The best franchisees are willing to accept risk, but mitigate that risk by being analytical. They consider downside as well as upside of decisions. They think about potential consequences and weigh these against the benefits their actions may produce.

Professional and disciplined

The best franchisees are also professional and disciplined. They accept their responsibility and don’t stray from the franchisor’s proven business model and operating procedures. When they have new ideas, they will approach the franchisor to discuss before putting them into practice. You know not to fix something that isn’t broken, but you also know that innovation is the mother of improvement.

Accepting of responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and franchisees have made some howlers. We work with you to minimize the mistakes you may make. The best franchisees also take responsibility for mistakes they do make. They learn from them, brush up on their skillset, and add their learning to their bank of experience. By taking responsibility for mistakes, you will improve your ability as a franchisee – and this will improve your success and profitability.

The franchise aptitude test will help you to assess your suitability as a franchisee. It’s a simple test that will tell you whether you should pursue life as a franchisee. And that’s priceless knowledge to possess before you invest in a franchise business.

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