Top Beauty Franchises in the USA: 6 Opportunities to Invest in 2022

Are you considering buying a beauty franchise? Which could be the best for you? Here is our pick of the best six.

6 Fantastic Beauty Franchises to Buy This Year

Beauty franchises are among some of the most recession resilient businesses in our economy. People want to look their best, come rain or shine. And in the United States, they spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year doing so.

Do you fancy owning a piece of this lucrative pie? From hairdressing to cosmetics, there is a business to suit you. Many of these don’t need you to be ever-present, or to be a qualified hairdresser or beautician. These really are franchises in which your business acumen and leadership skills can bring life-changing success.

Here's a list of 6 great beauty franchises in the US.

Palm Beach Tan 

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Texas, Palm Beach Tan began franchising in 2001, offering sunbed, spray, cocktail, and sunless spray tanning services. It now boasts more than 260 franchises in the United States.

Your business will be equipped with state-of-the-art sunbeds and sunless tanning options, and you’ll also be selling a range of branded tanning and skincare products. This is a tech-heavy business, and you’ll benefit from automated stock control, equipment control, and billing. This level of automation means you get to spend more time with customers – and that means more selling opportunities.

You’ll receive around 200 hours of training in sales techniques, product knowledge, systems, and customer service – and receive incentives and bonuses based on the financial performance of your store.

If you have a sunny disposition and want to serve people rather than simply sell a product, then a total investment of between around $475k and $800k could secure you a location as a Palm Beach Tan franchisee.

Great Clips

Great Clips is headquartered in Minneapolis and has been operating a franchise model since 1983. With around 4,500 franchise locations, this hairdressing business really is a national brand.

Hairdressing is one of those businesses that are highly recession-proof, and the way this franchise business operates can allow you to keep your day job while building a business. You’ll receive initial training, and if you wish to you can reattend training at no extra cost. You’ll have a protected area with a radius of three-quarters of a mile – and most stores are in prime locations, such as shopping malls.

If you have the desire to be your own boss, have good people skills, and wish to manage a business – including being highly involved in it – an investment of between $150k and $300k is required to be considered as a Great Clips franchisee.

Amazing Lash Studio

One of the youngest franchise businesses on our list, Amazing Lash Studio has been franchising since 2013. With more than 260 studios now operating across the United States, its growth has been impressive.

Initial training is given to the franchisee and designated manager (if applicable), and you may be required to attend other training courses, trade shows, certification programs, and ongoing education.

If you enjoy beautifying others – or wish to run a business offering a range of services including eyelash, eyebrow, facial hair removal, and facial beauty treatments – then an investment of between around $240k and $500k could get you an Amazing Lash Studio salon with a protected radius of 1.5 miles.

Waxing the City

Waxing is a big, recession-proof industry, worth around $3 billion in the United States alone. Since its foundation in 2012, Waxing the City has gained a reputation as a reliable, fun brand that offers exceptional experiences.

As a franchisee with Waxing the City, you’ll receive help with site selection and lease negotiation, studio design and build, ongoing marketing and business support, and, of course, comprehensive training – which includes a week-long training course to become certified.

The initial investment required is between around $210k and $425k, and the franchisor does offer a range of financing options. It’s also possible to own and manage while retaining a full-time job.

Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman is the oldest company on our list of top beauty franchises. It has been operating as a franchise business for 88 years – a business that has survived and thrived through wars, crises, recessions, and more.

As a Merle Norman franchisee, you will operate an independent retail store licensed under the Merle Norman brand. It’s an ideal business for those who enjoy fashion and beauty and helping women to look their best. You may run a store in a mall, strip center, or freestanding – and you’ll benefit from a contribution of 60% of your marketing budget.

You’ll also get help throughout your tenure as a Merle Norman franchisee, including extensive training, and, of course, you’ll benefit from Merle Norman’s position as a recognized national brand – including national advertising, social media campaigns, and in-print advertising.

With no initial franchise fees, you could become a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchisee for as little as around $60k.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center has been franchising its business since 2002. Its focus – as the name suggests – is providing personal grooming services to men, with a barbershop experience priced between the expensive (predominantly female-focused) salons and the low-end discount barbers.

Roosters has a tremendous brand appeal, provides exceptional training, and you’ll also benefit from continuous support. And don’t think you have to cut hair to own a Roosters Men’s Grooming store. Many of its franchisees are semi-absentee business owners – if you have the business acumen and management skills to succeed, this could be the best of beauty franchise opportunities for you.

Your total investment will be between around $150k and $225k.

How do you select the best health and fitness franchise opportunities?

These half dozen franchises in the beauty industry are only a few of the incredible opportunities in this huge sector. But how do you choose the best for you? The phrase ‘for you’ is crucial. While there are many fantastic beauty businesses to buy, you’ll only invest in the best by careful matching to your abilities, goals, budget, and personality. Where should you start?

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