Is Franchising Right for You? Find Out by Taking This Franchise Aptitude Test

A franchise aptitude test is essential before you buy a franchise. You’ll learn whether you’re a good fit, and what type of business you should buy.

Compatibility and Complementary Competencies Identified in Minutes

Taking a franchise aptitude test is one of the first things you should do if you are considering buying a franchise. It’s crucial to ensuring that you avoid the one reason why franchises fail. For a few minutes of your time, you’ll learn whether franchising is right for you, and take a critical step in evaluating franchise opportunities.

Why is a franchise aptitude test critical?

The last thing you want to do is to buy a franchise when the demands of being a franchisee are all wrong for you as a person. 

If you don’t have the personality to own and operate a franchise, you’ll end up regretting the decision. Your business performance won’t match your potential, and you’ll fall short of your expectations. Your motivation will wane, your enthusiasm will slip each day, and your financial performance will suffer.

Your success to date, your desire, and personal and professional goals deserve more than life as a disappointed franchisee. A franchise aptitude test helps to identify your potential to be a successful franchisee.

Identifying your franchise compatibility

In the early days of franchising, franchisors relied largely on their gut instinct to decide if a would-be franchisee would make the grade and be a useful addition to their business. Now, with so much experience of the franchise model behind us, franchise aptitude tests have been developed to remove the guesswork.

In brief, by pulling in all the data about the best-performing franchisees over the years, psychologists have been able to pinpoint the personality traits that are most likely to lead you to success as a franchisee. 

Perhaps more importantly, a franchise aptitude test can predict with a high degree of certainty if your personality is incompatible with being a franchisee. This isn’t to say that you won’t be successful as an entrepreneur or in business – only that your goals are more likely to be achieved by a different approach that better suits your personality.

How does a franchise aptitude test work?

Most aptitude tests quiz you via a set of multiple choice-style questions. They are quick and easy to take (our franchise aptitude test takes only a few minutes) and incredibly accurate. 

That’s not to say that the test is easy to answer. It’s quite challenging, and certainly makes you look at yourself more deeply. It’s also quite fun. There are three steps:

  1. Open the franchise test 

  2. Answer the questions

  3. Get your result

That’s it. A scientifically proven result that identifies your skills and personality, and that ensures they are compatible and complementary to life as a franchisee.

What will you learn from a franchise aptitude test?

An outstanding franchise aptitude test will identify your personality traits and compare them with those needed to be successful as a franchisee. The New Ground Consulting aptitude test provides a 10-page report that details your:

  • Values

  • Culture fit

  • Personality type

  • Work style

  • Business competencies

  • Sales orientation

We even provide a comparative profile pattern that shows which high-profile entrepreneur you are most like and why.

The big question answered

It’s great to know that you have the franchisee personality, but our franchise aptitude test goes one huge step further by answering the big question: what type of franchise will best suit you. 

The report’s summary details the considerations you must make based upon your profile, and these will help you decide what type of business franchise will suit you best. From these considerations, we can start our search process to identify the very best franchise business matches for you. It’s smart, scientific, and spot on.

What are you waiting for? If you are considering buying a franchise, take the franchise aptitude test today. In less than 10 minutes you’ll know more about yourself and the franchise business type you should buy.

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